sNFT Minting

Each sNFT is from a collection of 10,000 sNFTs (shoeNFT) designed by hand but then on-chain algorithmically generated on the Ethereum Network as a unique digital shoe. The series of 10,000 sNFT’s are each built up with layers. These sNFTs belong to each other but are unique in their own ways. The base layer of the sNFT art is precisely similar throughout, which are basic backgrounds and shoe outlines. Then the layers on top of the 1st layer can be different colors and different elements, attributes, and styles.
For Example :
  • Common sNFTs have 6 layers ( the background, shoe outline, elements )
  • Unique sNFTs have 7 layers (on top of 3 layers, it can have a character layer)
  • Rare sNFTs have 8 layers (on top of 4 layers, it has a layer of tribe logo)
Likewise, the rarer the category, more the number of layers and rarer the traits of the shoes.
When the user mints the sNFTs, then by an algorithm, the smart contract will generate the sNFT based on the available layers. The sNFT offering will begin with the Genesis round of minting 3000 sNFTs, and then the remaining sNFTs will only be able to be farmed through the ShoeFy platform.