How ShoeFy works

Each sNFT is a collection of 10,000 unique sNFTs designed by hand and then on-chain algorithmically generated on the Ethereum Blockchain one by one creating unique digital collectibles.

Step 1

Minting of sNFTs is done by Shoe collectors called ShoeBeasts, who can then resell them in the secondary market OR may choose to stake their sNFTs on the ShoeFy platform to earn passive income.

Step 2

Earn royalties every time the sNFT is traded in the future by being the first buyer in the secondary market OR choose to stake on the ShoeFY platform to earn passive income.‌

Step 3

Degens can Stake $SHOE tokens, and Yield farmers can farm the sNFTs to earn $SHOE tokens + rare sNFTs.‌

Step 4

ShoeBeasts, Degens, and Yield Farmers interact on the ShoeFy platform to provide the LP program.

Step 5

Earn Profit from minting, reselling, trading, staking, farming, and the LP program.

Step 6

Enter the ShoeVerse and explore the digital world with other descendants of the four friends. Join ShoeFy, a play-to-earn community of gamers, get into shoe battles, unlock your mystic box and more.