At a later stage of the road map, ShoeFy will dive into the deep digital world of the metaverse. To experience the Shoeverse, Shoebeasts (collectors) need to hold at least one sNFT of any element and minimum of 1000 $SHOE token. Higher the amount of sNFT and $SHOE token the user holds, the greater the opportunity to open up mystic box, a special feature of ShoeVerse. If a Shoebeast has more than 6 Shoes of a specific element, they will get that element shoe rack which will get them into the element tribe house. Some Shoebeasts meet their long-lost relatives in the tribe house (as they are most likely to be the descendants of the tribe), and some might even meet their soul mates. Shoebeasts will be able to stake their shoes here. Shoebeasts will be able to participate or compete in Shoe contests, fashion shows, shoe battles, and Shoeverse talks(or walk-through-cinema) will be held in the common ground.
Newbies will begin their journey into the Shoeverse by assembling in the multi-purpose-hall (MPH) even if they do not have enough in their collection to access a tribe house. The MPH will introduce all newcomers to the ShoeFy guidelines and its ShoeVerse. Shoebeasts can buy/sell/trade or stake their shoes in the MPH, but they will have lower APY% than tokens within the tribe houses. On occasion, temporary museums or exhibitions will be held at the MPH so Shoebeasts can rent space and showcase their brands and collections.
Finally, a small hut-like house (the house where the four friends once resided) will host the exclusive auctions from the legendary Shoeracks which will only be accessible to Shoebeasts who owns all elemental shoeracks.‌
The Shoeverse will be later on, integrated with the metaverse gaming platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox and Cryptovoxels. ShoeFy shoes will be made wearable for the Avatars in the metaverse. ShoeFy will become a digital shoe brand in the digital world. ShoeFy looks forward to opening both showrooms and stores in the digital world.