Origin of ShoeFy

Ancient Elemental Forces Powering Magical Shoes on the Blockchain
Eons ago, when Earth was still being forged the four cosmic elements decided to make their home on Earth.
When the elements split into 4 directions on Earth they started a new tribe to pass their power. These tribes of shoebeasts had the power of their guardian elemental passed onto them through the shoes, and have kept the secrets alive for millennia, passing the shoes on to each new generation, until the shoes found their way to ShoeFy, where they were discovered during the 2021 Covid crisis. So ShoeFy has set out on a journey to reunite the shoes with their rightful owners, the descendants of the original Shoebeast tribes.
Legend has it that if you are a true descendent of one of the original ShoeBeasts you will be drawn to the elemental power within the shoes, and will find your tribe. Each elemental started their tribe to pass on the power through the shoes, and ShoeFy is on a journey to find the true descendants.

ShoeFy shoes

A series of on-chain algorithmically generated 10,000 sNFT’s will be minted. Each of these shoes consist of a set of layers which are randomly generated to combine and form a shoe. Each shoe is unique on it’s own. The shoes have characteristics of the four elements in varying degrees of rarity. More the number of layers, more unique attributes it has and rarer it gets. For example, common shoes can be made up of just 6 layers while mythic shoes can have as much as 12 layers. At the most extreme level, the shoes go beyond the concept of four elements. The final level of shoes will include only 200 Mythic shoes and they will feature God, the Devil and Aliens.
  • 6000 Common
  • 2000 Unique
  • 1000 Rare
  • 500 Epic
  • 300 Legendary
  • 200 Mythic
The 10,000 sNFTs will not be minted all at once. The first 3000 will be minted randomly as the genesis sNFT in which the smart contract will algorithmically include all of the categories of sNFTs proportionally. The holders of first 3000 sNFT will be granted exclusive access to the SHOE Club in the future, where attractive giveaways of NFTs and other exclusive events will be held. The shoe collector will be called a "Shoebeast."