ShoeFy Ecosystem

ShoeFy Dex

ShoeFy Dex is an essential ingredient in the ShoeFY ecosystem's functionality. It combines the sNFT and $SHOE token mechanisms with staking, yield farming, LP mining, and AMM swaps to ensure constant liquidity. In addition, it comes with a straightforward and comfortable user interface.

ShoeFy Governance

In the early stages, ShoeFy will be semi-centralized to develop faster and keep the platform safe. Initially, users can submit feedback and contribute to the project through our community channels, which the team will evaluate and implement. After the ecosystem gains good traction, the team will begin to transition to a new Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where the changes required will be made through ShoeFy Improvement Proposals (‘SIPs’). Users can vote to or against the proposals.


Wallets are the fundamental medium through which users gain secure and smooth access to the Defi world. For example, ShoeFy can be accessed via MetaMask for smooth transactions on the platform. In the future, other wallets, such as Trust Wallet, will be integrated into the DEX.


Enter the shoeVerse with a wearable digital shoe. Some lucky Shoebeasts may meet their long-lost relatives in the tribe house(as they are most likely to be the descendants of the tribe), and some may even meet their soul mates. The ShoeVerse will have exciting activities including, shoe contests, shoe battles, and shoe fashion shows and later a shoeverse play-to-earn game.